Relaxation Massage Therapies

Relaxation Massage Therapies are for enjoyment, relaxation and stress reduction. Clients who just want to “escape from their day” can benefit from Relaxation Massage.    The goal of Relaxation Massage Therapy is to find that place of “PEACE.”  (See “Massage Styles” under the “About” tab for an in-depth explanation of each modality below.)

Swedish Massage with Aroma Therapy            

Massage is light to medium effleurage and kneading techniques, with Aroma Therapy for general relaxation. Light touch.  Client disrobes and lies under sheet.

Hot Stone Therapy

Heated stones are used for general relaxation and stress release.  Light to medium touch.  Client disrobes and lies under sheets.

Couples :

Swedish/Deep Tissue

Couples can choose style of massage and enjoy having a relaxing time together in the same room.  Light to firm touch.  Client disrobes and lies under sheet.

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