Advanced Massage Therapies

Advanced Massage Therapies are therapeutic in nature.  Clients who have chronic pain or acute pain issues can benefit from Advanced Massage Therapies.  Each Therapist is skilled in a particular style of massage therapy or specific techniques for certain key issues.  The goal of Advanced Massage Therapy is to get the client back to their normal functioning level or maintain their current functioning level.  The massage therapist does some body assessment according what the style of therapy requires. Notes and assessment are general in nature.

CranioSacral  Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy is scheduled in 1/2hr. to 45 minutes for children under 12, and 1hr. to 1 1/2hr. sessions for adults. This Therapy is good for neurological problems, migraines, headaches, TMJ, neck/shoulder/ low back pain, traumatic injury, emotional trauma, auto-immune diseases, autism, and learning disabilities.  Light touch is used.  Therapy is effective for clients who are sensitive to touch.  Client can wear soft clothing, such sweats or tee shirt and shorts.

Deep Tissue
Massage Therapy is scheduled for 1 hr. sessions. This Therapy is good for headaches, neck shoulder and back problems.  Medium to firm touch is used.  Client disrobes and lies under sheet.


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