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Myofacial Release

myofacial massage fresnoMyofascial Release is “the movement of contractile or inert tissues in such a way as to effect change in that structure or its related elements. The assessment and treatment are directed at soft tissues with the techniques being active, passive, or both, and may or may not include bone motion. The effect of this treatment may be demonstrated in a change in the targeted soft tissues, the articular structures, neural system, or vascular system. Examples of the use of soft tissue range from facilitation of fluid exchange or restoration of movement in the acutely edematous muscle lesion, to stretching of adaptive shortened contractile or connective tissue. The techniques are applied specifically at the targeted tissues, with skilled manual techniques, to facilitate the healing process or restore tissue to optimal functional capacity.”-Source: American Medical Association, CPT Assistant Newsletter, Summer 1995.  Myofascial techniques are useful by themselves or as a support to other massage modalities.

This therapy can be applied with clothes on or removed to the client’s comfort level with use of proper draping techniques.

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