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Holistic Approach

               Chronic Pain & the Use of Varied Massage Modalities
Massage is a way to help the body stimulate its own natural healing and to kick start the immune system into action. This is a holistic approach to strengthening and balancing bodily systems that are in dysfunction. Dysfunction can lead to chronic pain and other diseases.
Breaking “The Pain-Spasm-Pain Cycle” is an important goal of massage. Muscle has “Muscle Memory” and will continue to repeat dysfunction, unless it is reminded to unwind, relax and elongate. Different modalities of massage can achieve the same goal or work intrinsically on other systems to restore function to the body. It is not that one style of massage is better than another, but for the purpose or goal of the session a person may benefit from the use of one modality over another or a combination of styles. Talking with your Massage Therapist regarding the purpose of a session is important.

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